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People of Erasmusland is a sociocultural project in which we share pictures, thoughts and stories from international students living abroad. And much more.
Our aim is to tell about meaningful moments, show young people and their experiences, in a multicultural immersion.
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from Spain

Living in an international flat with other Erasmus students from all over the word is wonderful: you can speak different languages, get to know new cultures, share ideas and have incredible moments. But you also have to deal with a few issues: for instance, when your Chinese flatmates cook some weird meal for everybody, and to be nice you have to pretend that is it is really tasty, when is not. Or when you are getting pranked by your friends. Once, I started to smell a strong stink in my bedroom but I could not understand why. A few days passed, and that stink was getting stronger and stronger. I checked all my room, I cleaned up everything, but no way: the stink was still there and I was clueless and hopeless. Eventually, I had an intuition and I checked under my bed: there was a glass full of cat s food, totally rotten. My drunk friends had put it there a couple of weeks before, as a joke, because I don’t like cats. But then they totally forgot about it. Well, now I will really have to act like a cat: wait quietly till the right moment for my revenge.