How to open a section of Erasmusland?

First of all, is necessary to find people willing to join this new adventure with enthusiasm and interested in Erasmusland's mission.
And if your friends already had an international experience, they can also be involved! (alt: you can also bring them with you!)
You can ask for help to the international relations office of your university. They have a list of italian students that joined exchange programs and they can help you to contact them.

The job of an Erasmusland branch is easier as soon the relations with the university are good.
A good starting point is to plan a weekly meeting with the international students, in order to better understand their interests and needs.
The aim is to encourage integration between foreigner students and to improve the quality of their stay in a foreigner country.
The international relations office can help you to reach other foreigner students. Establishing a good relationship with them may help you to obtain financial aid for your activities. Moreover, you can also get some space to make your "office".

To join Erasmusland is fundamental to share their principles and to possess a status compliant with those. You should also have some activities to enable the exchange students to better integrate. It can also be in the form of collaboration with their home university or other higher education institutions.

starting your application to join Erasmusland, your should be aware of some things:
-The future branch will be invited to work for Erasmusland to an international level and it will have the obligation to do so as settled during the national meeting;
-in all the activities and official announcements, you will be always referred to as an Erasmusland branch and you are expected to observe the corporate visual identity
-Only a single branch of Erasmusland for each university can be created
-to join university unions or organizations is permitted only with the consent of the national board and only if those associations operate with the same purposes and principles of Erasmusland

As soon as you will start your regular activity, it will be a good idea to legally register the team, in order to have a more formal nature.
This will ensure you some advantages, making easier for you to obtain funds from the university and to establish official bonds.
Once the structure and the organization is solid, you can apply to join Erasmusland international.
How to do so?
just contact the vice-president of Erasmusland international (

Be sure that your organisation meets our ammission criteria, fill in the form you can find on the website (at the end of this page) and send it to the vice-president, attaching also your constitutive act and the association statute.
We will verify the conformity of both the act and the statute to Erasmusland's one and after a probation period the national meeting will vote for your admittance.
If you want to read more about the admission process, refer to the proper section of the internal regulation of Erasmusland international (you can find it at the end of this page)

can a branch of Erasmusland assist international students?
Erasmusland can be really helpful to make the experience pleasant and easier to the international students.
For example, it can be useful to translate the information about study plans, to publish a guide to the university and the city, or also to make an agenda of the cultural activities that might interest them.
The Erasmusland branch may also give help and support to italian students willing to join an exchange program (outgoing). For example, linking them to other former Erasmus students that can give them further useful information before departure.
Travels, international parties and cultural activities will also be important
More experienced Erasmusland branches can give you further help in organizing activities