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Erasmusland is a network of cultural assotiations oriented to all the students but in particular the ones partecipating in exchange programs, not only in the EU but also in Asia, North and South America and Australia. Pointing out this latest clarification is due to the values of these programs. They foster, not only the comprehension of a different culture, but also the capability to create a sense of community among people coming from different countries. All of this while offering a great opportunity to live alone in a foreign country for the first time. This are the principles on which our social mission is built. We aim to promote them in various contexts offering an aid to the student throughout the exchange experience. We also manage to support the arrival and the permanence of the students in the most cohempriensive way. From the research of an appartment to the opening of a bank account and the activation of of a local phone number. Ultimately most of our commitment is oriented on the organization of events, activities and trips that provide an unique experience to the students.

About Us

Erasmusland is very well organized, people in the staff are very friendly and always willing to help you need;.

- Julio [erasmus student]

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Nicolo' Donnantuono

Alessandro Canetti

Edoardo Petrucci